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Awaken The Giant Within Book Synopsis

On today’s episode of PT Reading Corner, we’ll take a look at Awaken The Giant Within, a self-help book released by the world renowned Tony Robbins. The book was released in 1991 and ultimately its goals is to provide readers with practical ways of taking control of their lives in all aspects. It delves into topics such as mastering emotions, overcoming habits such as over-eating and drug abuse and taking control of personal finances. Let’s take a closer look at some of the lessons found in the book:

1. Change is Quick

Individuals may often think that it takes a while to invoke change, however Robbins dispels this as a myth. He argues that change itself takes place rapidly, however the process of leading up to the change itself takes time. The fear of making a tough decision leads individuals to delay the entire process as they worry about potential outcomes. Robbins notes that it is important to analyze situations and come to decisions quickly but effectively, don’t delay the inevitable.

2. Pain Versus Pleasure

Throughout the book Robbins discusses the nature of the decisions that we make and how they are closely related to either pain or pleasure. The choices are made to either avoid pain or gain pleasure. In fact, the majority of time people will go to great lengths to avoid pain rather than to obtain pleasure. In order to make this information useful, you need to pair bad habits with pain and good habits with pleasure. For example, if you want to avoid eating tasty cake, Robbins suggests forcing yourself to sing a terrible song every time you eat the cake. The misery of terrible singing will likely make you less fond of the yummy treats. Similarly, if you love listening to audiobooks, pair it with an activity you might not enjoy, like going to the gym. This allows you to successfully break bad habits and develop new ones.

Tony Robbins is a great author who has written many self-help books and really knows how to encourage his readers. This book is full of many ideas that can be immediately put into action and help you to improve your life. We, at PT Business Corner, thoroughly enjoyed the actionable ideas that Robbins presents and hope that you’ll enjoy the book too!


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