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Be Obsessed or Be Average Book Synopsis

Be Obsessed or Be Average is an entertaining and motivational book written by best-selling author Grant Cardone. His story is inspiring in itself. Addicted to drugs and on the brink of despair at the age of 25, Cardone was able to turn his life around and become a multimillionaire entrepreneur. In the book, he stresses one central theme, obsession with your passion.

Here are a few lessons regarding the importance of having the right obsession and a snippet of Cardone’s masterpiece.

1) Obsession is Your Only Option.

Cardone makes it crystal clear that obsession is your most powerful ally in a world filled with those content with being average. While the word "obsession" tends to conjure negative connotations, Cardone argues that obsession is the fuel behind top performers. As a physiotherapist, you owe it to yourself to become obsessed with unlocking your full potential. But in order to do so, you must first find your purpose and identify clear goals. Some individuals may have goals to be excellent clinicians and others may be focused on opening multiple clinics, but the key is to have an objective that you can focus on. Cardone emphasizes that you must remain fixated on your goal, including investing the time, energy and resources necessary to achieve it. When you become obsessed with an idea, for example opening your own clinic, your entire purpose is dedicated to seeing that goal achieved. Consequently, the fear of failure and self-esteem issues wither away, as you don’t have room for obstructive thoughts when you’re obsessed with your goals. The alternative to obsession is being average, a woeful predicament. But what is the problem with being average? For one, it indicates that you have settled. You are content with living a monotonous life and somewhere along the way you lost the desire to become truly great. Ask yourself, as a potential employer, would you want to hire an average physiotherapist? Probably not, especially if there was an option to hire a truly remarkable physiotherapist, obsessed with performance and success.

2) Commit First and Figure the Rest Out Later

If you are obsessed, Cardone states that you are willing to be reckless and create and manage chaos in order to promote growth. For physiotherapists, a common concern about opening their own clinic is whether their proposed business will be successful. If you develop a solid business plan, heed the advice of clinic owners and do your due diligence, then you will have set yourself up for success. But you need to be obsessed with creating a business and then seeing it flourish. At some point, you need to actually make the leap from turning your proposal into a reality. Cardone remarks that once you start the business, you will figure out what is necessary to succeed along the way. This does not mean that you won’t face challenges and struggles. However, Cardone emphasizes that if you didn’t figure things out along the way, then you were not fully committed. Initially, your clinic may not be the perfect one you envisioned. At the same time, you cannot wait for the circumstances to be right because they never will be. You need to have the confidence in your abilities and skillset to rise above being average and commit to creating excellence.

These were a couple of the motivational lessons found in Be Obsessed or Be Average. We, at PT Business Corner, strongly recommend giving it a read and reaping all the valuable inspiration the book has to offer! Cardone is very blunt with his messages but this book is truly aimed for the top performers who want to achieve greatness.

Book cover of Be Obsessed or Be Average


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