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Start With Why Book Synopsis

On today’s episode of PT Reading Corner, we will take a look at Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. This book is written by Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker, author and contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. The premise of this book is fairly straightforward, it centres on the importance of the word “why”, and how it represents an influential concept. The core of Sinek’s book is dependent on what he calls the Golden Circle. There are three main components: why, how and what. The “Why” is the centre of the circle and is used to explain your company’s purpose. The “How” is your value proposition, or the specific actions that you take to realize your why. Finally, the “What” is the outermost circle and is defined as the function of your company, the products or services that your company provides.

Here are two main lessons we learned from the book:

1) Understand your "WHY"

As a physiotherapist, it is crucial for you to understand your “Why.” Consider the perspective of potential patients. Why should they choose you over another therapist or another clinic? It is up to you to set the stage for the patient and to get them to buy in to your why. The “Why” is not an external concept that you can simply study or learn. Sinek states that finding out your “Why” is a process that will rely heavily on introspection. Occasionally, physiotherapists have difficulty communicating their value to the outside world and as a result, they have difficulties attracting patients. This is where the importance of marketing comes to play, we need to be able to utilize metaphors, images and creative branding techniques to help patients realize our worth. Sinek highlights that all organizations tend to start with a “Why,” but the challenge is staying firmly loyal to your “Why,” even after decades in the business.

2) Align with People who Have a Similar "WHY"

Starting with a “Why” also helps you find potential employees who are aligned with your vision. During your interview process, you should be able to determine if the candidate believes in your “Why.” If they understand your core belief, then it is easy for them to stay loyal to your cause when times are challenging. Your employees will understand that your mission purpose is greater than salaries or job titles and they will value your culture and attitude. Companies hire employees that are already motivated where it is easier to inspire new hires to achieve greatness. This is preferred to hiring individuals and trying to motivate them to believe in the company.

We, at PT Business Corner, would like to thank Hoong Phang for recommending this wonderful book and hope that you are able to find your Why.


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