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Steve Jobs Book Synopsis

Steve Jobs is a name that is easily recognizable by most individuals, after all the former CEO of Apple made massive contributions to today's technology. Walter Isaacson authorized a biography called Steve Jobs, which is based on more than forty interviews with Jobs. It provides a detailed and factually accurate look at the man who created one of the most valuable technology companies in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the key lessons that Steve learned over the course of a lifetime:

1. Creativity is Driven by Focus

Throughout the book Isaacson highlights that Jobs had many personality traits, namely being fierce, empathetic and charismatic. However above all, his razor-sharp focus allowed him to achieve a great deal of success at Apple. Once he picked up a new idea, Jobs would spend all his time and energy dedicated to making that vision a reality. He would only focus on four or five products at a time, which helped Apple to develop revolutionary products. As individuals in this digital world, we often tend to be glued to our phones and research shows that the average adult checks their phone nearly a hundred times per day. With so many constant distractions it can be difficult to create high quality work. Jobs’ emphasized that saying “no” to outside distractions and honing all your energy on a few projects is the quickest way to achieving true innovation.

2. Intuition Over Intellect

On a trip to India in 2005, Jobs slept on the floor and returned soda bottles to obtain cash to buy food. He was fascinated by the fact that people didn’t obsess over materialistic possessions, instead they focused on their spiritual development. Jobs realized that those in the Indian countryside didn’t rely on intellect, instead they utilized their intuition. He trusted his intuition when making major decisions and is quoted as saying “People don’t know what they want until you show them. That’s why I don’t do market research.” But how can you as a clinician or individual develop your intuition? One step is to practice mindfulness, whether meditating or spending some time alone, learn how to connect with yourself. Another way is to simply pay more attention to your inner warnings. Researchers have found that the enteric nervous system lines your GI tract and sends signals to and from the conscious brain, bringing a whole new meaning to “gut feelings.”

Overall Steve Jobs was a fascinating biography to read. It delves into the history of Apple, Jobs’ success with Pixar and his time spent battling the cancer that would eventually take his life. We, at PT Business Corner, thoroughly enjoyed the in-depth look at one of the greatest geniuses of our time and hope that you’ll share the same sentiment.


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