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The Power of Story Book Synopsis

This episode of PT Reading Corner features The Power of Story, a book by Jim Loehr dedicated to helping individuals find their purpose in life. Dr. Loehr has a PhD in performance psychology and is a founder of the Human Performance Institute in Orlando. This book takes a look at the story of life and specifically, the story of your life. But think about the story you’re currently living, who is the author? Were you an active participant of your story? Did social media and the influence of your friends and family write your story for you?

Let’s take a look at ways to create a successful story:

1. Cause and Effect

If you believe that you have lived a life full of disappointment and despair and you continue to express that attitude daily, then you will continue to write a “negative” story. You need to develop the ability to master your mindset and your thoughts. Focus on creating a new relationship with your mind, one where you pay attention to the educational and insightful opportunities presented to you rather than viewing everything as a disappointment. If your mindset is geared to focus on negative outcomes as soon as you wake up, then your actions will help contribute to having a “bad day.” After all, perception creates your reality.

2. Plan Your Story

Every action begins with making a decision. By focusing time and attention on other people, individuals get lost in the art of pleasing others. But you need to be author and only you decide what a successful story ending looks like. Envision how the next chapter of your life story goes and plan the decisions that will get you there. By setting concrete goals and making firm decisions, you alone dictate your reality. Otherwise, the media, your friends, school and your job are all ready to write a story for you, and it might not be one that you like.

Overall, The Power of Story is a great book that helps individuals to search for the answers in their life before it passes them by. The human mind is extremely powerful and can either write a fairy tale ending for your story or leave a nightmare ending, ultimately that decision is yours to make. We, at PT Business Corner, enjoyed the unique insight this book provided and hope you enjoy the read!


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