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The Way of Kings Book Review

Updated: May 2, 2019

This week’s edition of PT Reading Corner features The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, a sci-fi book rivalling Lord of the Rings or even a Song of Ice and Fire. This is Sanderson’s first book of a 10-part series called the Stormlight Archive.

The Way of Kings takes place on Roshar, a world where storms ravage the terrain and the landscape is harsh. The story follows three main characters: Kaladin, who is a former healer turned slave, discovers his magical abilities but is unable to protect his followers; Dalinar, a high prince who has visions of a forgotten past that may help to save the future and Shallan, a thief who must steal a prized possession in order to save her family. Each character plays a crucial role in bringing back the Knights Radiant, a powerful organization which once protected humanity from evil.

While the book is over 1000 pages long and the plot is far more complex than summarized above, Sanderson does a great job of keeping the plot threads tight and clear. The character development is fantastic as you begin to empathize with each victory and defeat the protagonists encounter.

The true reason why Scott Marcaccio recommended this book is that it teaches the reader to stick to their own values and stay true to themselves. He alluded to the fact that having a lot of information on business and self-development tends to pull a person in different directions as a lot of opinions are shared through books and social media. These forces might sometimes sway us away from who we truly are. The characters in this book stay true to themselves while facing a multitude of challenges and in the end, this is what truly matters on our journey of life! If you live a life that is fully aligned with yourself, you will always be fulfilled when it is all set and done!

Overall, The Way of Kingsis a wonderful fantasy book full of engaging character development and a rich and enthralling culture. We, at PT Business Corner, highly recommend giving it a read and would like to thank Scott Marcaccio for his excellent suggestion!


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